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Why Skyleader

Ballistic Rescue System
In addition to passive safety features, we equip 95% of our aircraft with a ballistic parachute rescue system from the renowned Czech company Galaxy GRS. The system is certified and meets the requirements for aircraft rescue up to a MTOM of 600kg and a speed of up to 320km/h.

Trapezoidal wing and horizontal fin
Trapezoidal wing and horizontal fin not only give the airplane a unique look, but also increase the aspect ratio of the surfaces, this guaranteeing the unique flight characteristics of other aircraft in own category by several classes.

Fowler's flaps
The wing profile used in conjunction with the Fowler flap gives the airplane an exceptional range of speeds ranging from 56 to 264 km / h (30 to 146kt).


The airplane maintains excellent stability and handling for the entire range of speeds, giving feeling of total control and safety.


All-metal construction
The use of ASTM certified high quality material ensures long-lasting lifetime period regardless on climatic affects.
Original designs and construction coming from General Aviation sector.
Classical all-metal construction providing easy maintenance and reparations, preserving high standard solidity characteristics of the material.
Metal parts of the airplane are easy to repair and Exchange. That means very low repair costs, maintenance, replacement or service & inspections.

Automatically controlled balancing (Trim)
The automatic trim has been developed to reduce pilot flight load, retaining of possibilities pilot control. If we don‘t tell you about it, you won‘t know that something is helping you.

Landing gear
The JA 600 landing gear as well as the landing gear of the other Skyleader models are tested in the worst conditions. Despite its strength, it maximum dampens all the inequalities to protect the airplane and the crew. With our landing gear you will have the ultimate comfort and safety feeling. All aircraft are equipped with Beringer brakes and maintenance-free shock-absorbers with rubber segments.

Control elements according to higher-class aviation standards
All bolted connections are designed with strength fitted bolt, giving these joints unlimited life. The airplane's controls surface is supported on bearing with pivots and bolts to ensure ease of movement even at maximum load. The steering links are always equipped with castle nuts with a cotter pin. All control forks have hardened steel bushings inside.

Airplane protection from harmful effects
The high-quality outer surface of the airplane is technologically given to us and the colour shade and the design of the spray is to the tastes of each customer. What, however, is under this varnish is entirely on us, on the manufacturer. The steel parts from the outside are protected by the powder coating of the desired shade. All cavities and paint-free areas are provided with anti-corrosion coatings, the same as those used by transport aircraft manufacturers. For parts that can‘t be coated, we use standard aviation protection procedures like zinc, chromate and anodizing are.

Type Certificates issued by various CAA and Light Aircraft Associations in most aviation known countries all over the world, incl. Czech Republic, United States of America, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Poland, France, etc.