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The SKYLEADER 600 is a spacious all-metal two-seat low-wing aircraft with a trapezoidal wing and integral 120L tanks. This aircraft was designed from the beginning for a MTOM of 600kg. It provides pilots with great comfort not only thanks to the widest cabin in its class, but also thanks to the premium upholstery and ergonomics of the interior and controls. The aircraft is always equipped with two trims, one trim is automatic in conjunction with the flaps to counteract the change in pitch of the aircraft during flaps extension, and the other works in a standard way.

Model 600


SKYLEADER 600 is designed for sport flying, and pilot training. The aircraft can be equipped to your exact requirements, and thanks to the spacious luggage compartment, you can stow up to 30kg of luggage.

You will be amazed at the high safety standards, excellent flight characteristics and timeless design that complies with ASTM regulations.

Model 600

Our aircraft provide safety, prestige and emotion to clients around the world.

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