Type certificate JA-400 "Skyleader 400"

We are very proud to announce that our company ZALL JIHLAVAN airplanes, s.r.o. launched in December 2017 a new type of airplane JA-400 “SKYLEDER 400” which complies to Cession LA-1 Chapter 9 of LAA CZ, with MTOW up to 472,5 kg and empty weight of 307 kg. The JA-400 SKYLEADER 400 is designed primarily for flight training and features glider towing system. Robust construction, excellent flight characteristic and low operating cost make this aircraft valuable not only for Aero Clubs.
SKYLEDER 400 is a two-seater, all-metal, low-wing aircraft with side-by-side seats. Supporting surfaces are with two spars. They are composed of a rectangular centre-section and a trapezoidal outer wing with slotted flap. There are two integral tanks with capacity of 80 litres in front part of the wing. The plane has fixed tricycle landing gear with steerable nose wheel. There are hydraulic brakes on main wheels. The aircraft is equipped with an integrated rescue system as standard. ZALL JIHLAVAN airplanes, s.r.o. introduced a new type of ultralight airplane at the end of year 2017 on the Czech market. The Skyleader JA-400 is designed primarily for aero clubs, which offer its fitness for both flight training and towing. But let’s not forget the fact that pilots in the private sector will be excited by their flight characteristics.