Skyleader Day is coming

Dear Friends, customers and members of the SKYLEADER family.

Join us at the occasion of the SKYLEADER Meet. We invite pilots of our SKYLEADER aircrafts, but also all those who are interested in the topic of flying. We offer a rich program and the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the greatest names of Czech aviation industry.


Some of our guests who will come share their experience are:

Karel Kuthan – Aerobatics

Jiří Duras – Chance to try aerobatic flight, unusual positions etc.

Petr Jirmus – Aerobatics

Miloš Kvapil – Safety of flying

RNDr. Petr Dvořák – Meteorology


Technical details:

* Arrivals until 12 a.m.

* Accommodation provided upon prior communication

* Sightseeing flights and recommended routes

* Afternoon and evening program

* Refreshments

* Hangar – based on availability or upon prior arrangement


For more information, please contact us directly on email:

The Skyleader team is looking forward to seeing you