Carbon-composite two-seat

Carbon-composite two-seat

Max speed
340 km/h

550 km

320 Kg


UL-39 is an carbon-composite two-seat, low wing aircraft with non-convetional „Jet“ drive. The aircraft has tricycle retractable landing gear with steerable nose wheel. UL-39 is designed for operation in Ultralight (UL) category. During the construction was as well taken in consideration compliance with requirement of category CS-VLA.

This ultralight airplane, powered by an unconventional power plant, consisting of a reciprocating internal combustion engine driving the fan, was conceived through the cooperation of the staff and students of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University Prague, and the companies LA composite, s.r.o., and Zall JIHLAVAN airplanes, s.r.o. When completed, this completely new and thus far never implemented concept of an ultralight airplane will off er the market the properties of a jet airplane in the ultralight category, where conventional jet propulsion with hot exhaust gases is not possible, due to legal constraints.



Engine type: BMW S1000RR
Maximum power: 142kW (193 PS)
Vne: 300 km/hour 162 knots
Vh: 260 km/hour 140 knots
Vc: 230 km/hour 124 knots
Vs0 65 km/hour 35 knots
Basic empty weight: 322 kg 772 lbs
Fuel capacity: 100 L 26,4 US gal
Endurance: 2.5 hours
Range: 550 km 297 nm